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Primary Election - 2017 Poll Worker Training

  1. I have downloaded and viewed the training presentation as required*

  2. 1. Can a Voter use an Ohio driver's license or State identification card that displays a different address than is in the Electronic Poll Book or Signature Book?*

  3. 2. What should a poll worker do if a Voter's name does NOT appear in the Electronic Poll Book?*

  4. 3. If the Voter is registered to vote, but is in the wrong polling location, what should you do?*

  5. 4. If a Voter refuses to vote in their correct Precinct, what should you do?*

  6. 5. If a Voter brings an Absentee Ballot to the Polling Location to drop off, what should you do?*

  7. 6. Which Election Official(s) should return the supplies to their assigned drop off locations?*

  8. 7. What do you do if a Voter is wearing campaign material?*

  9. 8. If a Voter arrives at the Polling Location and is in line at 7:30 PM on Election Day, can they still vote?*

  10. 9. If a Voter asks for a Republican ballot this election, what should you do?*

  11. 10. Does taking an Issues Only ballot change the Voter’s party affiliation?*

  12. 11. If a Voter voted Republican in the 2016 General Election, can they vote a Democratic ballot in this Primary Election?*

  13. Party Affiliation *

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