Voter Information

On this page you will find answers to nearly every question you may have about exercising your right to vote. Just about the only thing we can’t tell you: which candidates or issues to support or oppose.


Poll Location

Where do I vote? Find out by utilizing the online search tool; access "details" to download directions to your polling location.

Laws & Policies

Congress enacted and President Bush signed the Help America Vote Act or HAVA in 2002 in order to ensure that elections are conducted freely and fairly. The Ohio Secretary of State has developed both a complaint procedure and complaint form for use by anyone who believes a violation of HAVA has or is about to occur. 

Reapportionment & Redistricting

Disabled, Living Overseas & Military Members

Looking for information about voting if you are a voter with disabilities, a U.S. citizen living overseas, or a member of the military? You found it, including Information on Ohio’s innovative “Military Ready to Vote” Program designed especially for active-duty members of the armed forces.